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Baby Sleeping

Proactive and Therapeutic Pet Joint Health Solutions

Protect your pets' joints as they run, jump, and play. TRI-ACTA and TRI-ACTA H.A. premium health supplements have been specifically designed to provide a proactive approach for optimal joint health.

Baby Sleeping

Proactive and Therapeutic Equine Joint Health Solutions

Keep your horse performing at their best. Equine-specific TRI-ACTA and TRI-ACTA H.A. premium health supplements provide a proactive approach to your horse’s joint health.

Animal Supplements With Zero Filler

With only beneficial active ingredients at therapeutic levels, Integricare is committed to delivering the best mobility supplements available.



For Joint Health

tri-acta for pets joint supplements
vizsla dog using glucosamine for dogs

Pet Supplements for Joint Health

Adding TRI-ACTA joint supplement to your pet’s diet helps support an active, healthy lifestyle. When given daily, Integricare joint supplements help your pet recover from bone and joint injuries faster and help prevent mobility injuries from happening in the first place.



For Joint Health

tri-acta for equine supplement
quarter horse using glucosamine for horses

Equine Supplements for Joint Health

Take a proactive approach to your horse’s joint health. Add Integricare equine supplements to your horse’s diet to prevent joint injuries and help heal existing mobility injuries faster.

6 Comprehensive Benefits for a Better Quality of Life

1. Healthy Development

TRI-ACTA can be used proactively as a daily dietary supplement for growing pets and horses. The active ingredients in TRI-ACTA are proven to have a positive impact on cartilage development and inhibit degenerative conditions, even before they arise.

2. Protect Joint Tissues

A combination of highly bioavailable components in TRI-ACTA products supports the joint health of both your pet and your horse, all without the use of potentially harmful additives.

3. Alleviate Discomfort

Horse lameness and pet joint discomfort are the unfortunate realities that ageing horses and pets face. TRI-ACTA works to reduce the stiffness and chronic pain common with these conditions, improving your animal’s overall quality of life.

4. Improve Mobility

The typical ageing process for pets or an increased workload for horses can affect joint health. Restore diminished mobility, reduce inflammation, and keep your horse galloping and your pet running with TRI-ACTA.

5. Complete Nutrition

TRI-ACTA contains only the highest quality joint-supporting ingredients, providing complete nutrition to support the joint health of both your horse and pet alike.

6. Slow the Ageing Signs

Senior pets and horses are faced with countless daily discomforts, most of which are part of the natural ageing process. With the help of TRI-ACTA,both your horse and your pet can remain active and comfortable for longer, with fewer vet visits.

What Our Customers Say

Quality, Efficacy & Therapeutic Value

TRI-ACTA is my number one choice for joint health in a world where there are hundreds, maybe thousands of options. I’ve recommended it to countless patients and the results are always amazing. It works! To stay loyal to a single product for 14 years is a true testament to its quality, efficacy, and therapeutic value.

— Dr. Kim Boudreau BSc, MSc, DVM, VSMT, CCRP

Perform at Their Best

For over 15 years, my horses have thrived on TRI-ACTA H.A. From Monopoly, Altair, Conduct, Top Gun, Magdaline, Tjengo, and Count Me In - I know my equine partners have the joint support they need to perform their best.

— Beth Underhill, Olympic, World Equestrian Games & Pan-Am Veteran

Where to Buy

Find Integricare pet and equine joint supplement products at a retailer near you.

Helpful Pet Health Resources

Looking to learn more about maintaining your pet’s joint health? Browse our resources for more information.

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