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Protect your best friend’s joint health for years to come. Adding TRI-ACTA for pets helps them live healthier, more active lives. Formulas for joint injury prevention and support during healing are available.

What Makes Integricare Pet Joint Supplements Different?

Not all pet supplements are made equal. Beware of supplements that have high levels of additives, preservatives, and fillers.

Integricare products contain zero fillers, ensuring all the ingredients benefit your cats and dogs.

  • Canadian made with 100% active ingredients.
  • Easy to administer and low cost per serving.
  • Researched, tested and recommended by veterinarians.

6 Comprehensive Benefits for a Better Quality of Life



1. Healthy Development

TRI-ACTA can be used proactively as a daily dietary supplement for growing cats and dogs. The active ingredients in TRI-ACTA are proven to have a positive impact on cartilage development and inhibit degenerative conditions, even before they arise.

2. Protect Joint Tissues

A combination of highly bioavailable components in TRI-ACTA products supports the joint health of your pets, all without the use of potentially harmful additives.

3. Alleviate Discomfort

Joint discomfort are the unfortunate realities that ageing cats and dogs face. TRI-ACTA works to reduce the stiffness and chronic pain common with these conditions, improving your pets overall quality of life.

4. Improve Mobility

Restore diminished mobility, reduce inflammation, and keep your your pet running with TRI-ACTA.

5. Complete Nutrition

TRI-ACTA contains only the highest quality joint-supporting ingredients, providing complete nutrition to support the joint health of both your cats and dogs alike.

6. Slow the Ageing Signs

Senior pets are faced with countless daily discomforts, most of which are part of the natural ageing process. With the help of TRI-ACTA, your pet can remain active and comfortable for longer, with fewer vet visits.

Integricare Pet Supplement Products

TRI-ACTA for Pets

Take a proactive approach to your pet’s joint health with TRI-ACTA for pets. Our product contains natural ingredients that support the building blocks of your pet’s joints, including cartilage, muscle, tissues, and ligaments.

TRI-ACTA H.A. for Pets

Whether your pet is suffering from a recent joint injury or is in their golden years, TRI-ACTA H.A. provides the same benefits as our regular TRI-ACTA with further extra-strength support. This formula promotes healing after injury or surgery and supports general joint well-being for very active or senior pets.

What Our Customers Say

Best Product on the Market!

I have tried many products for Cayenne. I wanted the best for his osteoarthritis. I started to read the ingredients and compare between products. I fell in love with the Tri-Acta product because it only has active ingredients. Our animals deserve the best, which is exactly what I offer Cayenne.

— Sabrina Drolet

Quality, Efficacy & Therapeutic Value

TRI-ACTA is my number one choice for joint health in a world where there are hundreds, maybe thousands of options. I’ve recommended it to countless patients and the results are always amazing. It works! To stay loyal to a single product for 14 years is a true testament to its quality, efficacy, and therapeutic value.

— Dr. Kim Boudreau BSc, MSc, DVM, VSMT, CCRP

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Help your pet stay in the best health possible, increase their ability to stay active, and reduce costly vet bills.

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