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Preventative Care for Puppies

Keep your puppy happy and healthy now and into the future as they explore, play, and grow.

Getting Started with Your New Puppy

When you first bring a new puppy home, emotions are often flying high. Feelings of excitement, stress, and uncertainty are common for both you and your new furry friend. Showing your new family member patience and love is always best to help them settle in, but there are ways you can prepare in advance for the days and weeks ahead to help make your puppy’s transition to your home easier

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Training Your Puppy

Your new puppy is going to need training to give them the tools they need to become a confident, well-mannered dog. Obedience training classes are a great route to take, as they can help you bond with your new puppy and show you how to effectively communicate with them. With training, you can teach your dog essential skills like how to walk using a leash, how to respond appropriately to commands, fetching and dropping, and more. Puppy training classes are also great for socializing your dog and getting them used to other dogs and people.

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Feeding Your Puppy

With so many different dog food options out there, it can be hard to figure out what the best diet is for your puppy. What’s more, the information found online on what the best diet is for your puppy can often be subjective rather than science-based, making it even more difficult to come to a final decision on your puppy’s diet. 

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Exercising and Playing with Your Puppy

While the best way to exercise your puppy can be the subject of a lot of debate among canine professionals, the best way to ensure that your puppy gets a good amount of exercise is to use common sense and to consider your dog’s breed.

The key things to keep in mind are to gauge the amount of exercise your puppy needs to their individual personality and breed, giving them frequent breaks, and keeping playtime relatively low-impact (no super high frisbee or ball throws that might make them twist or contort their bodies) to prevent potential injuries.

Giving Your Puppy Joint Supplements

Joint supplements can be given to puppies as early as when you start feeding them solid foods. As your puppy gets older, their little body will start to mature and grow into an adolescent and adult dog, meaning their bones and joints will also form into a permanent position. Preventing common conditions like hip dysplasia (which can start developing in dogs as little as four months old, depending on the breed) can be as simple as incorporating a joint supplement into your puppy’s diet. TRI-ACTA is especially easy to administer, as it comes in a tasteless powder that you simply mix in with your puppy’s regular wet food or kibble.

Large Dog Breeds and Joint Supplements

Large dog breeds are especially prone to joint issues, as well as other conditions such as hip dysplasia, and osteochondritis. One of the main ways you can prevent your dog from developing joint issues or one of the aforementioned conditions is by incorporating glucosamine joint supplements into their diet.

TRI-ACTA is packed with key ingredients that will support the joint health of your large breed dog, including two types of glucosamine: glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride. These substances occur naturally in your dog’s body, but production lessens as they age. Even if your dog isn’t older, glucosamine is one of the main components of healthy cartilage production, which is essential for repairing and regenerating damaged joints. This means when your dog exercises, plays, or participates in performance sports, the extra glucosamine promotes joint healing and helps keep their joints strong and working well.

How Joint Supplements Benefit Your Puppy Long-Term

Joint supplements benefit your puppy now and in the future by giving their body the tools it needs to prevent cartilage breakdown and underproduction. Common dog joint conditions that can affect dog breeds both large and small include arthritis, hip dysplasia (common in large breed dogs), luxating patellas (common in smaller breed dogs), and ligament strains and injury. The key is to give your puppy joint supplements from a young age to prevent these conditions from becoming a problem for them in the future.

Joint supplements combined with the right exercise give your puppy the edge he needs when it comes to preventing serious joint issues.

The essential components in TRI-ACTA that prevent joint conditions as your puppy grows include glucosamine, chondroitin, and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). These components occur naturally in your puppy’s body, so there’s no chance of any adverse effects by giving your dog supplements containing these components. TRI-ACTA also contains no fillers, meaning all the ingredients in the supplement powder are active ingredients that are meant to help keep your puppy’s joints happy and healthy.

Why Use a Dog Joint Supplement with Two Types of Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is necessary for the production of a substance called glycosaminoglycans which combines with hyaluronic acid to create proteoglycans. Proteoglycans and collagen are the main components of cartilage, which is what keeps your dog’s joints moving freely.

There are two types of glucosamine that are used in our TRI-ACTA for Pets products, glucosamine sulphate, and glucosamine hydrochloride. Glucosamine sulphate is a highly bioavailable component that is readily absorbed and used by your pet’s body to help with cartilage production. Glucosamine hydrochloride is an essential component in the production of collagen, which is one of the components of cartilage. 

Alongside the two types of glucosamine mentioned above, the other active ingredients in TRI-ACTA that support these glucosamine’s positive effects are chondroitin sulphate, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and hyaluronic acid.

Chondroitin is necessary for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans. But more importantly, it inhibits and neutralises destructive enzymes in the joint. In doing this, chondroitin acts to prevent the breakdown of cartilage. Studies show that supplementing glucosamine and chondroitin together enhances the efficacy of both components individually.

MSM is an organic sulphur-containing compound found naturally in plants and animals. It is a powerful antioxidant and provides whole-body pain and inflammatory relief.

Hyaluronic acid, within the joint, works to increase the supply and viscosity of synovial fluid. The main precursor to joint degeneration and arthritis is a lack of synovial fluid to properly encapsulate and lubricate the joint. When the joint lacks proper lubrication, friction between cartilage and bone occurs, leading to pain, inflammation and decreased resistance to compressive forces.

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