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About Us

Since 1999 Integricare Animal Health has grown as a supplier of premium horse and pet joint supplements throughout North America. We ensure the customer will get what they pay for—active ingredients with no fillers in any Integricare product. We are committed to providing you with solutions our companion animals need for a healthier and happier pain-free life.

Our History

As a competitive equine trainer and athlete, John Brooks has firsthand experience with the challenges of keeping his companion animals at their best. John recognized the need to provide the animals in his care with the best nutrition, but there was a lack of quality joint supplements free from fillers and with science-backed ingredients available. So John founded integricare to fill that gap in the market.

Over 20 years later, Integricare Animal Health has grown to be an essential supplier of premium joint supplements available to equine trainers and athletes, pet parents, and veterinary professionals throughout North America. Working with orthopaedic surgeons, animal nutritionists, animal behaviourists, and other top professionals, the TRI-ACTA line of supplements for joint health and mobility was born. The integrity of developing a product that truly works, with clean, honest ingredients backed by science and without unnecessary fillers was a pillar in the early pursuits of an industry leading product that promised to deliver results and increase the longevity, health, and happiness of animal companions.

Today, Integricare is a second-generation Canadian Family owned and operated business. The company name Integricare reflects the guiding principles in the early days and continues to steer us now and into the future.

Product Development

Integricare products use only components that have been clinically trialled, are third-party batch tested, and are approved by Health Canada through the Veterinary Health Product program.

Our products are trusted by Olympic-level riders, premiere trainers, veterinarians, and equine, canine, and feline enthusiasts throughout North America.

Charities We Support

These charities are great organizations that really make a difference in the lives they touch. We encourage you to visit their websites and get involved in any way you can.

LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society

The Dog Rescuers Inc.

Chiefswood Stables After Care Program

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