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Pet Affiliates

Integricare supports agencies and organizations that are committed to the long-term well-being of pets, and is also a proud sponsor of several high-level sporting dogs.

Pigeon the Boston Terrier-Chihuaha

Shortly after his adoption, Pigeon was diagnosed with severe luxating patellas in both knees requiring surgery. That was followed with support from a fabulous rehab program involving TRI-ACTA H.A.

Sawyer the Corgi

Sawyer has been using TRI-ACTA since she was 3 years old and competing in frisbee and dock. Later in life she's been switched over to maximum to take advantage of the hyaluronic acid ensuring that Sawyer’s joints stay extra healthy.

Dandy the Standard Poodle

Dandy is a future guide dog. Read about her journey with minor canine hip dysplasia.

On the Fly

On the Fly team members were flyball students of K9 Central Pet Resort, Training & Spa Inc. Our team members help to coach and train the flyball classes.

The K9 Unit Flyball

The K9 Unit is a competitive flyball team that consists of members from the Toronto and Ottawa area competing in NAFA​ and UFLI​ tournaments in Ontario.

Majik of Dock Diving Shepards

Dog diving makes a splash!

Where to Buy

Find Integricare pet and equine joint supplement products at a retailer near you.

More Helpful Pet Information

Helpful advice and information for your pets.

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